About Us

We’re focused on making your business love us.

Far too often we see tech companies exploiting and taking advantage of hard working companies like you.

We will change that. If you find yourself currently stuck with a bad business partnership — we will mitigate and educate you to find a cost effective or free way to move on (To us!).

If you’re currently seeking a professional we served clients from Kitchener, Waterloo and even Hong Kong.

We have dealt with private customers who dont want to be advertised due to the nature of competition.

However, during this long journey we have mastered the art of technology and finding solutions for small to extremely large systems.

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Smola Designs


We recently launched a technical and blog to cover some useful issues people find themselves in.

From Web Sites, Drones, Photography, Graphic Design and even Hosting / CDN Edge Caching (Nerdy term for cutting edge fast websites!)

Web Design
We take an obsessive approach to speed, artistic design and beating the competition.
Dont get stuck with a website that makes you lose search results and customers -- we got your back 24/7!
SEO & Marketing
Dont let the competition beat you on google search results -- there is a method to getting found on google that's ever changing. SEO is a major part of web design and often 30-40% of costs. We can achieve this cost effectively.

Marketing is a major source for quick and effective exposure for a business -- we know how to do this having spent over $200,000 in ad spend over the past 3 years alone!

Much More
We specialize in more than we can list in these three areas. Infact we encourage you to ask us anything you might require.

There is rarely a task or issue we cannot advise our customers on!

How We Work

Putting You First
We make honesty, and lasting relationships the core of our business.
We spend countless hours trying to solve issues and achieve our desire for perfection.
Making you the customer completely happy with the product and the long term results.
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